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  • Biviana Lazo


    INLUSH is a wearable art collection designed and hand painted by Biviana Lazo. Her hand painted silk designs are modern, bold yet sophisticated. She hand paints on natural color silk by using fine French dyes that are chemically bonded to the fiber. She dips the brush in her soul and combines art and fashion to create unique pieces.


    ......................."Dare to stand out"

    毕安娜,美国Inlush时装公司创始人,丝绸手绘时装设计师,现定居美国旧金山。染色,绘图,设计,剪裁 . . . . . .纯手工制作。每一件的款式花色都不重复,她出作品不快,数量也不多基本都是单品, 精工出细活。 是一位集美貌时尚才华一身的优秀女性。

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